Dan Stevens’ Coding Adventure

Unity game development using a test-driven development approach

Chasing the White Rabbit

Software development can be like chasing Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit: You’re trying to solve a particular problem that, at first seems straight forward, but you soon realise that it’s actually composed of a number of different ‘sub-problems’. So you start working on one of the sub-problems and before long, you realise that that sub-problem itselfContinue reading “Chasing the White Rabbit”


For the past 12 years I’ve been working as software developer in the field of cloud based Customer Relationship Management / Customer Experience services. During that time, in 2015, I returned to my faith in Christ: that decision completely changed my life. Instead of doing things my way (which was getting me nowhere), I turnedContinue reading “Welcome”

About Me

Hi, I’m Dan. Programmer, musician, missionary and follower of Jesus Christ. My foray into full-time missionary career was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime, I write about my learning experience game development with Unity.

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