For the past 12 years I’ve been working as software developer in the field of cloud based Customer Relationship Management / Customer Experience services. During that time, in 2015, I returned to my faith in Christ: that decision completely changed my life. Instead of doing things my way (which was getting me nowhere), I turned everything over to him. I felt called into mission in Moldova with missionary organisation, Operation Mobilisation. After three short term missions over the course of a few years, I dived deeper into mission: I quit my job to begin full time missionary training with OM. That was in January 2020 and was meant to last for 6 months. You can read about this in my other blog.

Then in March 2020, after only a month and half of my training programme, The Covid-19 crisis began to rear it’s ugly head, and the training programme came to an abrupt end and I had to return home. By the start of April, I was back in the UK, now in near-complete lockdown. Without a clear direction of what to do next, but with an abundance of free time, I took the opportunity to explore some of the activities that I didn’t have the time to do previously. Two of those are test-driven development (which I had been exploring prior to leaving my career early this year) and game development with Unity.

Another activity I’m looking into is freelancing as a software developer. While researching this, I came across the site simpleprogrammer.com that had an interesting article on freelancing and starting a business. It gave a range of advice, but the suggestion that stood out to me was creating a blog to promote your business or skills. Since I’ve been learning a number of skills, and had previously written a blog to share about my mission experience, I thought I would give it a go. I signed up for the blogging course and here I am writing and publishing my first blog post. Perhaps the most significant steps in the course is choosing a theme. It suggests being very narrow and specific in the choice of theme for the blog. The idea is that it gives you an advantage in being noticed, since it narrows the field of other sites that you might compete with for views (think of it like this: it’s easier to be the big fish when the pond is small). While I could have a chosen one of a few different activities that I had been learning about, I chose to combine the two that I was most excited about, to form this theme: Unity game development using a test-driven development approach.

So that’s a bit about me and what my blog is about. I hope you’ll stay around and join me on my next coding adventure!

God bless,
Dan Stevens

Published by Dan Stevens

Programmer, musician, missionary and follower of Jesus Christ. My foray into full-time missionary career was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime, I write a blog about my learning experience game development with Unity using a test-drive development approach.

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